The 2004 NMU ACM Practice Contest was held from 11:00 to 4:00 P.M. EDT on Saturday 30 October 2004 at Northern Michigan University. The contest was attended by 3 teams. The original purpose of the contest is to determine which two teams from NMU will attend the North Central North America ACM Regional Programming Contest this year as well as to provide our teams with practice. However, since a rule change allows for an unlimited number of competing teams, this contest served as practice only.

The contest consisted of 6 problems to be solved over a 5 hour period.

Below is the list of problems, test input files, correct output files, and sample solutions. There were many ways to solve the problems, of course. These solutions were developed using Java.

Problem 1
Problem 1 Input File
Problem 1 Output File
Problem 1 Solution
Problem 1 Executable Solution

Problem 2
Problem 2 Input File
Problem 2 Output File
Problem 2 Solution
Problem 2 Executable Solution

Problem 3
Problem 3 Input File
Problem 3 Output File
Problem 3 Solution
Problem 3 Executable Solution

Problem 4
Problem 4 Input File
Problem 4 Output File
Problem 4 Solution
Problem 4 Executable Solution

Problem 5
Problem 5 Input File
Problem 5 Output File
Problem 5 Solution
Problem 5 Executable Solution

Problem 6
Problem 6 Input File
Problem 6 Output File
Problem 6 Solution
Problem 6 Executable Solution

Congratulations to Josh, Will, and Liz for winning the Practice Contest.