I have sung in choral groups ever since I was a young boy. Church choirs, community choruses, everything.

However, the most meaningful musical experiences I have had were in collegiate a cappella groups. For those unaware of the concept, such groups usually have about twelve members, give or take, and sing without any instrumental accompaniment (which is what "a cappella" means). Members of such organizations tend to form a strong bond with each other; I imagine the experience is something like being in a fraternity, though, of course, I can't know for sure as I never was.

Anyway, collegiate a cappella groups come in three basic types, male, female, and mixed. I have sung exclusively with mixed groups. When I was in college, mixed groups were somewhat of a novelty; now, however, there are lots of them all over the country.

Many groups specialize further: Christian a cappella, Asian a cappella, law student a cappella, whatever. Neither of my groups had any membership restriction other than student status at the appropriate university and vocal ability.

I sang bass, by the way.

I was affilitated with:

The Class Notes (mixed) from Cornell University (Tompkins Co, NY)
Amazin' Blue (mixed) from University of Michigan - Ann Arbor (Washtenaw Co, MI)

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I am the faculty advisor of:

The Northern Lights (mixed) from Northern Michigan University (Marquette Co, MI)