The Twentieth Annual Northern Michigan University Invitational Programming Contest was held from 12:00 to 5:00 P.M. EDT on Saturday 30 March 2019 on the campus of Northern Michigan University (Marquette Co, MI).

The contest was organized by the NMU student chapter of the ACM and was attended by 51 students on 18 teams representing the following 7 schools.

Lake Superior State University, Chippewa Co, MI
Bay de Noc Community College, Delta Co, MI
Michigan Technological University, Houghton Co, MI
Northern Michigan University, Marquette Co, MI
University of Minnesota - Duluth, Saint Louis Co, MN
Algoma University, Algoma Dis, ON
University of Debrecen, Debrecen, Hungary

The contest consisted of 6 problems to be solved over a 5 hour period.

Here is the list of rules.

Below is the list of problems, test input files, correct output files, and sample solutions. There were many ways to solve the problems, of course. These solutions were written in Java, and are included along with executable Jar files.

Problem 1
Problem 1 Input File
Problem 1 Output File
Problem 1 Printable Solution
Problem 1 Compilable Solution
Problem 1 Executable

Problem 2
Problem 2 Input File
Problem 2 Output File
Problem 2 Printable Solution
Problem 2 Compilable Solution
Problem 2 Executable

Problem 3
Problem 3 Input File
Problem 3 Output File
Problem 3 Printable Solution
Problem 3 Compilable Solution
Problem 3 Executable

Problem 4
Problem 4 Input File
Problem 4 Output File
Problem 4 Printable Solution
Problem 4 Compilable Solution
Problem 4 Executable

Problem 5
Problem 5 Input File
Problem 5 Output File
Problem 5 Printable Solution
Problem 5 Compilable Solution
Problem 5 Executable

Problem 6
Problem 6 Input File
Problem 6 Output File
Problem 6 Printable Solution
Problem 6 Compilable Solution
Problem 6 Executable

First place went to Northern Michigan University THE IMMUTABLES.
Second place went to Northern Michigan University BISTROMATHICS.
Third place went to Northern Michigan University LONERS.

The first place school was Northern Michigan University.
The second place school was Lake Superior State University.
The third place school was Michigan Technological University.

Here are the complete results.

Here is the laptop tutorial.