In 1996, I decided it might be nice to start sending out Christmas cards. This is, of course, something normally done by people with families, but I thought it would be a good way to keep in touch with relatives and friends from my school days. So, I started keeping a database of names and addresses.

It is true that although I am a college professor--and love it--my fantasy job has always been writing. But rather than have a weekly syndicated column, I have an annual column for my friends and family. What follows is the archive of past holiday greeting card letters.

Greetings from the Mrs. (1996)
The Nativity Story (1997)
Merry Christmas, Iraq (1998)
Assorted Bullets (1999)
Rudolph Deconstructed (2000)
The Seven Deadly Sins (2001)
Serious Thoughts on Needless Death (2002)
The Coot in the Suit (2003)
The Joy of Fruitcake (2004)
Beating the System (2005)
Pilatemas (2006)
A Bad Joke and a Good Song (2007)